Sliding Door Repairs and Installation

Move From Inside to Outside Seamlessly


Our multi-stack doors range sliding door system is a flexible and versatile sliding door solution. Capable of 2, 3, 4 and 6 panel multi-stack configurations, this range can cater for a wide range of residential applications. With extra tracking security screens can also be attached. Extra tracking can be attached to allow insect screening.

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  • Proven residential door sliding door system
  • 3 and 6 panel multi-stack sliding door options available
  • Supports single glazing
  • Attractive door interlock designs
  • The ability to incorporate security screens


CAD Drawings

Please select a profile from the list below to view the respective CAD drawings:

3D Rendering

mk5b 3d rendering 225x300 - Multi Stack Door Installation

Multi-Stack Door Configuration xxo

Mk5B multi stack door xxo 209x300 - Multi Stack Door Installation

Multi-Stack Doors Configuration oxxxxo

Mk5B multi stack door oxxxxo 209x300 - Multi Stack Door Installation

Multi-stack Door Top Light

Mk5B Sliding Door 03 Top Light 209x300 - Multi Stack Door Installation