Emergency Glass Repair Perth

Many faults throughout the property can be left untreated for a short time. However, broken or cracked glass is one that requires instant attention and repair. At Westview Glass, our experts offer an emergency glass replacement service to get your home or business back safe and secure.

Broken glass can put you in a very stressful position, but knowing the answers to these questions can provide the answer to your problems. Here’s all you need to know about emergency glass repairs services in Perth, for windows, sliding doors and more.

When does glass need an emergency repair?


The good news is that there may be some minor instances where a repair job isn’t necessary straight away. Scratches can look unattractive, but will often cause no damage to the function or safety of the glass. In these cases, it may be possible to wait for a more convenient time to organise glass repair, unless the appearance is too much to handle. The bad news is that even those slight faults may, when left untreated, turn into major problems.

As such, it’s probably best to get windows and doors repaired even when they encounter a minor chip or crack. With those small issues, it’s more of a preventative measure. As such, you can often have more time to organise a glass repair service rather than having to get an emergency glass repair service in Perth. If there’s any chance that the damage could cause a health hazard or result in further damage to the building, immediate & urgent action is necessary.

Broken Glass in need of an emergency repair (Emergency Glass Repairs Perth)

How can Westview Glass help?


Whether it’s a crack or a smashed window pane, our friendly team of glaziers are here to provide Perth homes and businesses with a quick and reliable glass repairs service that you can trust. No job is too big or small, and we’ve helped hundreds of people just like you throughout Perth and the surrounding areas.


Our emergency glass repair services cater to both residential and commercial properties.

I had to break a window after locking myself out of the house. This was just before l had to leave to catch a flight. Phoned Westview on the way to the airport. This was at 2pm and at 4pm they had a glazier at my home to replace the glass. Quick and easy. Thank you for making sure that all was secure again. – Natasha Wright


Regardless of what your specific glass repair needs may be, we will get your building back safe and secure in the most efficient way possible. Having helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses in the area since 2005, our reputation within the glass repair industry in Perth offers the peace of mind that you deserve.


What to expect from a glass repair service


At Westview Glass, we believe in providing a comprehensive package. This includes everything from glass removal to making sure the restored door or window is operating again. However there are times when extra works are required to replace rollers and locks, but we will offer transparent communication along every step of the way.


The exact nature of the glass repair job will depend on the type of glass affected as well as the type and severity of damage. We stock an array of glass products, which enables us to replace most broken glass panels with a same day service. However some obscure glazing patterns or energy efficient glass may take up to 5 days to source.


We are happy for you to clean up the mess of a broken window before we arrive if you feel confident with out cutting yourself, but please do be careful. Otherwise, we’re more than happy to dispose of broken glass materials, along with any panes we need to remove during the process. Our experts appreciate the need to keep your home looking great too, which is why we endeavour to leave no signs of our work.


Our company offers prompt and professional service that uses the highest-quality products, with Westview Glass having an Australian Glass & Glazing Accreditation you know Westview Glass will be installing the correct glass for your window and door that meets Australian safety standards.


What next?


If you’ve encountered a damaged window or glass sliding door in any part of the home or business, Westview Glass can provide a speedy and professional glass repair solution.

To get your emergency repair job up and running today, give us a call on (08) 9409 9911.